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Our Work In Action

Over a span of three years, the Shelter Health Outreach Program (SHOP) at the University of Pennsylvania has forged meaningful collaborations with twelve Philadelphia shelters:  SHAMS ICNA Relief, Feast Incarnate, Bethesda Our Brother’s Place, Bethesda North Broad, St. John’s Hospice, Chosen 300 Spring Garden, Chosen 300 Lancaster, Veterans Multi-Service Center, St. Francis Inn, Jane Adams Place, Helping Hands, and Philly House (formerly Sunday Breakfast Mission). Our efforts touch the lives of more than 2000 individuals grappling with houselessness each year, driven by a dedicated team of 135+ volunteers.

Throughout the challenging times of the pandemic, SHOP displayed remarkable adaptability, tailoring its services to align with the evolving requirements of local shelters and the constraints of in-person volunteering. As we transition beyond the pandemic, our SHOP volunteers now engage with shelter and soup kitchen partners on a weekly basis, extending vital services such as blood pressure assessments and clinic support.

In response to evolving needs, SHOP has undergone strategic reorganization, concentrating its volunteer cohorts on distinct areas of expertise: Fundraising & Donations, Policy & Outcomes, Marketing & Education, and Clinic. This approach ensures that our impact remains targeted and effective, creating a positive ripple effect in the lives of those we serve.


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We are honored to collaborate with 12 organizations situated in Philadelphia, PA. Our ongoing projects encompass a range of initiatives, notably hypertension and dental screenings at shelters & soup kitchens, a fixed-site free clinic in West Philadelphia, and a mobile primary care clinic. To find your way to our shelters, simply click on the map below for directions!

Our "Three E's"



The Shelter Health Outreach Program (SHOP) at the University of Pennsylvania was founded to address health disparities within Philadelphia's houseless community. Guided by our visionaries, Evelyn Gotlieb (W’21) and Megha Bharadwaj (C’21) SHOP envisions a future where equitable health resources are accessible to all.



At SHOP, our commitment is to elevate the well-being of houseless individuals in Philadelphia. Through free blood pressure readings and clinic referrals, our volunteers not only offer health services but also uplift a sense of agency, contributing to a more empowered and informed community.



Beyond health support, SHOP creates spaces for engagement and mutual growth. Our volunteer cohort system and regular social events foster connections that extend beyond immediate care, forming a network where both volunteers and the houseless community can engage, learn, and thrive.


University of Pennsylvania

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